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How To Maintain A Healthy Lawn

When people hear that they can do their own lawn maintenance, the natural response is, “Oh, I could not possibly do that.” After all, lawns require a lot of work, and many homeowners do not have the time or energy to devote to keeping their lawns at the top of their game. That’s where lawn care companies come in. A lawn maintenance service will handle all aspects of lawn maintenance, right from the watering to the weed-tending and fertilizing. They’ll even make sure your lawn stays green all year round!

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A lawn maintenance company can give you the help you need for keeping your lawn’s green and beautiful. It’s really a no-brainer. Yet, most people ignore this aspect of lawn maintenance. If you don’t schedule regular time for yourself to perform these duties, then your lawns will suffer. And who wants to spend more time on their lawns during the summer when the only thing you should be focusing on is hanging out with the family?

You’ll find that most lawn maintenance problems begin with over-watering. Watering your lawn too often can lead to bare spots and dry, patchy patches. This results in weak vegetation and unsightly dunes. If your lawn maintenance service provides the tools and information that you need, he or she can guide you to the right path in terms of watering frequency. If you live in an area where the weather is particularly hot, you’ll also benefit from increased watering.

Weed control is one of the tasks that requires regular attention. Most people tend to think that weeds are a minor inconvenience that will easily correct themselves. The truth is that not only do weeds pose a threat to your lawn’s overall health, but they also serve as a hearty barrier between your grass and the soil. Without weeds your lawn would be completely free of any shade or protection from harsh weather conditions. Lawns that are comprised of mostly edible grasses, such as cabbages, are especially susceptible to weed growth. A well-sealed and treated lawn is less likely to suffer from weed infestations.

Another thing that needs to be monitored on a regular basis is insect activity. Moles, ladybugs, flies, and other garden-friendly insects all serve to destroy your lawn’s health. On top of killing your lawn’s surface, these insects can make it sick by piercing the ground and sucking up the nutrients that plants need for growth. A well-maintained lawn will have a healthy population of these insects, which is why it is important for lawn maintenance professionals to do their part to eliminate them. Proper bug treatment can keep these pests from overtaking your lawn as well.

Another important task for lawn maintenance professionals is mowing. When your lawn is not mowed properly, it not only harms the ground and its various grasses, but it can also cause your grass to become uneven. Having a lawn that is perfectly even all the time is extremely important for creating an ideal environment for the enjoyment of your home’s outdoor areas. This includes everything from walking paths to your swimming pool.

By taking a more active role in your lawn care, you can not only beautify your yard and give it a boost in popularity, but you can also ensure that it stays healthy for years to come. Take some time to get to know your local lawn care professionals and learn how they go about their jobs. You may find that you can schedule regular lawn maintenance services on a regular basis to help you stay happy with your lawn and garden throughout the year.

If you are unsure about lawn care in St. Louis or in any other area for that matter, it is never too late to get educated. There are many great resources available for learning all about lawn care, including books and videos that can teach you everything from planting to fertilizing and irrigation. It is important to get as educated as possible before committing to a lawn care service. You can choose a lawn care professional with many years of experience and knowledge that will provide you with exceptional work. Not all services offer the same quality, so it is important to ask and see if they have provided work for various budgets.